Welcome to WriteClub!

The first rule of WriteClub is nobody talks about WriteClub...

Except that makes it a bit tricky when it comes to telling you about how fantastic and exciting and inspiring WriteClub is, so we are a little more flexible about this rule than other clubs whose titles happen to rhyme with ours! 

What happens at WriteClub?

As you might expect, WriteClub is a space where you can come and WRITE! We run sessions designed for you to find inspiration, to get your pens moving and meet like-minded people. Our regular Ideas Generator sessions offer timed writing activities and opportunities to share new words. And our Work in Progress sessions run over six fortnightly sessions to give you the time, support and skills you need to develop a piece of writing. We also run One day Workshops and Weekend Retreats designed to help you dive deep into your work.

Your experienced facilitator Alison Powell is a widely published, award winning writer who will devise a range of innovative activities and exercises to stimulate your imagination and get creative juices flowing. In workshops and drop in sessions you can expect a bit of movement, improv and possible silliness, writing prompts and instant feedback. You're likely to leave each session buzzing with words and ideas. All pretty marvellous really!

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Who is WriteClub for?

Everyone is welcome at WriteClub - whether you're an old hand scribbler, with stacks of stories to your name, or you haven't written more than a shopping list in years, if you have a desire to get words on the page, you are in the right place. See our Upcoming events page or visit our online shop for booking.

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I look forward to writing with you soon!

love and laughter,

Alison xxx