Mondays 7-8:30pm (BST)

14th June - 5th July 2021

A series of four creative writing workshops on the theme of place

Delivered via Zoom

Write Together sessions are designed to help you get words flowing. The aim is to inspire you with interesting and thought provoking themes to respond to. You'll be offered space to give creative expression to your feelings and to share your words in small groups if you wish.


Each session includes a variety of stimuli that might take the form of discussion, movement, poems or music and plenty of prompts to help you get words out.

There'll also be opportunities for discussion and chances to connect with like-minded people from all around the world.

This next series of four workshops focuses on place. We'll take inspiration from the following themes:

* cities

* forests

* mountains

* lakes

As well as exploring personal relationships to these environments, we'll look at examples of place in literature and will examine place as both metaphor and muse.

Open to new writers and experienced scribblers alike.

Join us if you want:

* support with getting words out

* to find inspiration

* to be part of a supportive creative community.

Limited spaces available - advance booking essential

Concession tickets: £50 (+ Eventbrite fee)

Full price: £60 (+ Eventbrite fee)

Plus option to pay it forward and sponsor a writer on a low income.

"I can really recommend the Write Together Sessions to reinvigorate and motivate your writing. And especially during lock down - it's a joy to actually see and meet such a brilliant bunch of people, all being creative in their own spaces." - Sara

"Just a top notch workshop that opened my imagination and got words flowing." - Dani

"A relaxed, creative atmosphere that brings a diverse group of people together to create new, fresh words. Interesting stimuli that helps to get the writing juices flowing with all words/writing greeted and welcomed in a non-judgemental positive way." - Diane

Write Together

A series of active prompt-based workshops, designed to help ideas flow

"The best writing course I have been on. I left feeling inspired and energised. Realised I had not placed any real importance on my writing - just a few hours in and I ended up with a different mindset." (Angie)