Longer courses on the writer's craft plus coaching sessions to keep you on track

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Starts Tuesday 1st Dec

3 weeks of Mon-Fri Zoom calls 8:00-8:25am

This series of daily meetings is designed to keep you and your writing on track. Each morning you'll meet with a group of like-minded folk in the WriteClub Zoom Room be coached to look at all aspects of your writing practice. You'll be encouraged to commit to your goals and hit your daily writing targets.

Get help with:

* Focusing on your writing project

* Keeping to your creative goals

* Looking at the bigger picture

* Leaping over creative hurdles

* Finishing your work.

Come and be part of a community of like-minded people. Check in every day and get your words out!

NB You will need access to Zoom for this course.  


Booking essential. 

"Alison has been an invaluable guide, using her wealth of experience to kickstart and move along the writing process" (Laura)

"A kick up the backside and a big hug all at the same time!" (Felicity)


"Great way to gain discipline and reignite your writing." (Steve)

Work in Progress

Tuesdays 7-9pm
Six weeks starting 20th Oct 
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Online workshops using Zoom and Google Folders

This series of weekly sessions is designed to help you develop a piece of creative prose writing - short stories, novel extracts and memoir all welcome.

With regular meetings, small workshop groups and weekly deadlines, we'll help you keep your writing on track. You'll offer feedback on other people's work and receive focused critique as the weeks progress. You'll be invited to submit up 1500 words for each session and to comment on the work of 3-4 other people.

We'll also provide clear guidance on how to critique other people's work and suggest approaches to editing your own.


Come and reap the rewards of doing the work!

NB You will need access to Zoom and to Google folders for this course.  


Booking essential. 

"A great way to keep yourself motivated to write, partly because of the fixed deadlines and partly because of all the lovely encouragement and helpful suggestions for how to improve your work. Very helpful indeed!" (Christine)

"The 'Work in Progress' sessions gave me the motivation I needed to plough on. Care had gone in to pair me with the right group of people to provide constructive criticism about my work.!" (Nick)

"WriteClub really helped me to feel confident and engaged in my writing again. Al provides a welcoming and safe space to deeply explore your writing blocks and help you to get back on your feet." (Steve)


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