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“It was a real joy coming to WriteClub and meeting all the fabulous writers. My head has been full of images and stories since. The tasks and prompts were great fun and very stimulating.” - Helen

“Write Club represents the first time I've gone from being a solitary writer scribbling at home to presenting my work in a group environment and listening to the words of others. I was a bit nervous beforehand but the atmosphere was superb and feeding off the enthusiasm and talent of others was inspiring. I now live in fear of missing a session!” - Steve

"It was such a wonderful experience. I arrived feeling as if I had no business being there and left in awe at what we all could create out of nothing in such a short space of time. I laughed to the point of hysteria. I was moved and touched. Truly you have created something special. 

A place to fall into a world of words, regardless of what we think of ourselves.  A place where we only seek the goodness in others. No competition. No judgement. So thank you, for what you do" - Angela

 "I've found that WriteClub helps me to be more fluid with writing. In fact, when I entered the Flash Slam this year I found it much easier to write on the spot in the knock-out round. The story I read out that evening was the one based on a WriteClub exercise and I'm currently developing the character, transporting him into another time, life and story, so the magic is working. " - Grace

“I have never done anything like it and I was seriously out of my comfort zone (in a good way). I was very impressed to hear how talented people are and I found that inspiring rather than intimidating. I came to the group because I am exploring my own creativity and want to find the confidence to express it. I am not someone with a novel in the drawer.” - Caroline

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